Introduction to La Serena Golf

Welcome to La Serena Golf, where the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean meets the precision of your swing. Nestled near Los Alcazares along the stunning Costa Cálida in southeastern Spain, La Serena Golf offers an unparalleled golfing experience, fantastic amenities and luxury new build properties amidst breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, the meticulously designed 18-hole championship course promises challenges and rewards at every turn. And whether you are a golfer or not, the new build properties here offer luxury in a breathtaking location. Below we explore everything La Serena Golf Resort has to offer and what you can expect from the local area. 

Getting There

La Serena Golf  enjoys convenient access from two nearby airports:

  1. Murcia International Airport (RMU): Just a 30 minute drive from La Serena Golf, RMU stands as the closest airport to the resort, ensuring a swift and convenient journey.
  2. Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC): Approximately 1 hours drive from La Serena Golf, ALC presents another viable option. While a bit farther than RMU, ALC boasts a wider array of international flights, offering travellers more flexibility.

Both airports provide an array of transportation choices, including car rentals, taxis, and shuttle services, facilitating seamless travel to and from La Serena Golf.


Below we will explore the various amenities available at La Serena Golf Resort.

Golf Course

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Los Alcázares, the prestigious La Serena Golf Course offers an oasis of golfing excellence destined to captivate enthusiasts. Crafted by the esteemed golfer Manuel Piñero, this meticulously designed 18-hole championship course boasts flawlessly manicured fairways, strategically positioned bunkers, and captivating vistas overlooking the Mar Menor lagoon.

La Serena Golf Course caters to players of all skill levels, from novices eager to learn to seasoned professionals seeking a challenge. Its thoughtful layout and meticulous attention to detail ensure a gratifying experience for every golfer. Whether navigating the course’s twists and turns or teeing off against the backdrop of glistening lakes and swaying palm trees, players are immersed in a realm of tranquillity and excitement.

Beyond its exceptional playing conditions, La Serena Golf Course offers an idyllic ambiance that embodies relaxation and natural splendour. The serene atmosphere envelops players as they navigate the course, providing a welcome respite from the daily grind. Whether enjoying a leisurely round with friends or participating in a competitive tournament, every visit to La Serena Golf Course promises an unforgettable adventure in the sun-drenched Murcia region of Spain.

On Site Facilities

Alongside its renowned golf course, La Serena Golf presents a wealth of exceptional facilities designed to elevate the experience of both members, residents and guests.

At the heart of La Serena Golf’s offerings stands its expansive Club House, a hub of activity featuring a range of amenities to cater to every need. On the ground floor, golf services including dressing rooms, a pro-shop, caddy master, and storage facilities ensure access to top-quality equipment and assistance. Ascending to the first floor unveils the elegant “La Serena” a-la-carte restaurant, where culinary delights await amidst a refined atmosphere. Adjacent, a spacious bar-cafeteria beckons with its inviting ambiance and terrace boasting panoramic views of the Mar Menor sea and the verdant golf course.

Furthermore, La Serena Golf proudly hosts the esteemed Senator Mar Menor Golf & Spa Resort within its grounds. This luxurious hotel sets the standard for opulent accommodations and superior amenities, ensuring a truly indulgent stay for guests.

Within the resort, residents can relish delectable dining options at the on-site restaurant, unwind in the outdoor swimming pool amidst picturesque gardens, or rejuvenate in the heated indoor pool and state-of-the-art gym. For ultimate relaxation, the magnificent spa centre awaits, offering a comprehensive range of rejuvenating beauty and health treatments guaranteed to pamper and revitalise.

With its impressive range of amenities, La Serena Golf provides a holistic leisure experience surpassing the conventions of a traditional golf resort, promising moments of luxury, relaxation, and indulgence for all who partake.

La Serena Golf Properties

La Serena Golf is currently expanding its range of newly developed properties, presenting a diverse selection of residences for sale tailored to various lifestyles and preferences.

For those seeking upscale living, the resort showcases spacious villas overlooking verdant fairways and tranquil lakes, offering an exclusive sanctuary furnished with contemporary amenities and private pools for luxurious relaxation. These villas come in a variety of styles, including ultra-modern luxury designs and those exuding a blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

Alternatively, chic apartments and townhouses provide equally appealing options, featuring balconies or terraces with sweeping views of the golf course or surrounding scenery. Ideal for individuals or families desiring a hassle-free lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or elegance.

For investors or those eyeing holiday homes, La Serena Golf presents enticing opportunities with the potential for lucrative returns through vacation rentals. Situated in the sought-after Los Alcazares area, the resort attracts holidaymakers and serves as an ideal locale for a second home.

With a diverse range of properties on offer, from lavish villas to stylish apartments, La Serena Golf ensures there’s something to match every taste and budget, inviting residents and investors alike to discover their perfect haven along the scenic Costa Calida.


Located just a quick 5-minute drive from La Serena Golf Course, Los Alcázares rests along the western shoreline of Mar Menor, a sprawling saltwater lagoon bordered by La Manga, a narrow strip of land separating it from the Mediterranean Sea. This enviable position gifts the town with picturesque beaches and a wealth of water sports and leisure pursuits. Culinary delights abound, ranging from authentic Spanish cuisine to international flavours, with an emphasis on fresh seafood harvested from the abundant coastal waters. Below we explore what you can expect of La Serena Golf’s surroundings

Nearby Towns and Cities

Santiago de la Ribera: To the north of La Serena Golf and Los Alcázares lies Santiago de la Ribera, exuding coastal allure with its palm-fringed promenade, cosy cafes, and sandy beaches. Its vibrant marina pays homage to the town’s rich maritime heritage.

San Javier: Nestled adjacent to Santiago de la Ribera, San Javier beckons visitors with its historic landmarks, including the San Javier Church, and lively local markets brimming with fresh produce and artisan crafts.

Murcia City: Approximately 40 minutes away, the storied city of Murcia enchants with its Gothic cathedral, graceful plazas, and culinary delights found in traditional tapas bars and upscale restaurants.

Cartagena: A brief 20-minute drive from La Serena Golf, Cartagena showcases immaculately preserved Roman ruins, a bustling port, and waterfront promenades perfect for leisurely strolls and indulging in exquisite seafood dining experiences.


Nestled along the tranquil shores of Mar Menor, Los Alcázares invites with its serene waters and rejuvenating mud baths. The Mar Menor is celebrated for its calm, shallow expanse, a paradise for water enthusiasts offering a plethora of activities from swimming and sailing to windsurfing and kayaking.

Within Los Alcázares, a selection of sandy retreats awaits, including the popular Playa de los Narejos, Playa de las Salinas, and Playa de la Concha. These pristine beaches are well-equipped with amenities like showers, lifeguard stations, and beachside bars, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable seaside experience for visitors of all ages.

A short drive from La Serena Golf leads to Playa de los Nietos, a charming coastal enclave renowned for its peaceful waters and family-friendly ambiance. Here, beachgoers can indulge in a variety of water sports activities or simply lounge under the sun along the scenic shoreline.

Further south, Playa de la Manga stretches along the renowned La Manga Strip, offering expansive sands and crystalline waters perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Adventurers can engage in thrilling water sports, including jet skiing and parasailing.

For those seeking a secluded beach retreat, Calblanque Regional Park offers an idyllic escape just a short drive from La Serena Golf Course. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and unspoiled landscapes, Playa de Calblanque invites visitors to immerse themselves in pristine beauty and tranquillity away from the crowds.

Nearby, Playa de Cala Cortina presents a picturesque oasis within Cartagena’s bustling harbour. Despite its urban location, this small yet enchanting beach exudes a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for swimming, snorkelling, or simply unwinding by the shimmering waters against the backdrop of Cartagena’s historic skyline.


In the vicinity of La Serena Golf, an array of shopping experiences awaits, from bustling markets to contemporary retail hubs, ensuring your needs are effortlessly met during your stay. Here are some of the shopping destinations near La Serena Golf:

Dos Mares Shopping Centre: Situated in San Javier, a brief drive from La Serena Golf, Dos Mares stands as a modern shopping haven offering a diverse selection of shops, from fashion boutiques to electronics outlets and supermarkets. Complete with a cinema, restaurants, and a food court, Dos Mares provides a convenient one-stop destination for both shopping and entertainment.

La Zenia Boulevard: Located a short 20 minute drive away in the neighbouring Costa Blanca, the La Zenia Boulevard offers over 150 shops, bars and restaurants as well a bowling alley, casino, kids play area and more.

Los Alcázares Market: For a taste of tradition, Los Alcázares hosts a weekly market where stalls brim with fresh produce, clothing, handicrafts, and souvenirs. This vibrant market offers a glimpse into local culture and presents an opportunity to acquire unique treasures to cherish.

El Corte Inglés: Indulge in a premium shopping experience at El Corte Inglés, Spain’s renowned department store chain. The closest El Corte Inglés can be found in Cartagena, boasting a luxurious assortment of brands spanning fashion, home goods, electronics, and beyond.

Plaza Bohemia: Nestled in Los Alcázares, Plaza Bohemia exudes charm with its quaint square adorned with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Discover boutique stores offering apparel, accessories, and gifts, while relishing the ambiance of cosy cafes ideal for a leisurely coffee or meal.

Santiago de la Ribera Promenade: Along the promenade in Santiago de la Ribera, a treasure trove of shops awaits, specialising in beachwear, souvenirs, and local crafts. Take a leisurely stroll, soak in the coastal views of the Mar Menor, and indulge in a spot of shopping along the way.

These shopping options near La Serena Golf cater to a spectrum of preferences, whether you seek everyday essentials, distinctive keepsakes, or luxury indulgences.

Local culture & customs

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is celebrated for its myriad health advantages and draws inspiration from the traditional culinary practices of Mediterranean regions. Embracing this dietary pattern yields numerous benefits, including bolstered heart health, effective weight management, diminished risk of chronic ailments, enhanced cognitive function, and increased longevity.

Research underscores the Mediterranean diet’s efficacy in reducing the likelihood of heart disease. It prioritises the consumption of healthy fats derived from sources such as olive oil and nuts, alongside abundant servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish, all of which confer notable cardiovascular benefits. Moreover, the diet advocates for moderate intake of lean proteins and beneficial fats, fostering a sustainable approach to weight control.

In essence, the Mediterranean diet champions a well-rounded, nutrient-dense approach to nutrition, promoting holistic health and vitality across diverse facets of life.

Fiestas & Festivals

In the vicinity of La Serena Golf, a tapestry of cultural fiestas and festivals awaits, providing a vibrant window into local traditions and heritage. Here are some noteworthy celebrations in the region:

Semana Santa (Holy Week): Semana Santa reverberates across Spain, including the area surrounding La Serena Golf. This significant religious observance is marked by processions, music, and intricate displays portraying scenes from the Passion of Christ. Cities like Murcia and Cartagena host particularly grand Semana Santa festivities.

Fiestas de Primavera (Spring Festivals): Spring festivals adorn many towns and cities in the Murcia region, including Los Alcázares and Santiago de la Ribera. These jubilant occasions feature parades, music, dance, and delectable traditional cuisine, heralding the arrival of spring.

Fiestas Patronales (Patron Saint Festivals): Near La Serena Golf, numerous towns and villages honour their patron saint with spirited fiestas patronales. These celebrations encompass religious rituals, processions, street revelries, and cultural exhibitions, each town boasting its own distinct customs and traditions associated with its patron saint.

Carnaval (Carnival): Carnaval is embraced with fervour in several locales near La Serena Golf, such as Cartagena and Águilas. This colourful extravaganza encompasses parades, elaborate costumes, music, dance, and street performances, fostering a jubilant ambiance for locals and visitors alike.

Feria de Septiembre (September Fair): The Feria de Septiembre is a cherished tradition in many towns throughout the Murcia region, including Los Alcázares and San Javier. This festive fair bids farewell to summer with traditional music, dance, culinary delights, and amusement rides, drawing crowds of all ages.

These festivities offer a mere glimpse into the rich tapestry of cultural celebrations awaiting exploration in and around La Serena Golf. Each event presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in local culture and revel in the lively spirit of Spanish festivities.

In summary, the area encompassing La Serena Golf boasts a diverse array of cultural fiestas and festivals, each weaving a vibrant tapestry showcasing Spain’s rich traditions and heritage. From the reverent processions of Semana Santa to the exuberant street revelries of Carnaval, these events offer a window into the essence of local communities. Whether one seeks religious solemnity, seasonal merriment, or simply a glimpse of Spanish culture, the varied tapestry of festivals near La Serena Golf ensures there’s something for every taste and inclination to savour and explore.


If you are looking to purchase a property at La Serena Golf, this stunning resort offers not just a home, but a lifestyle enriched by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the allure of golfing, and the tranquillity of coastal living. With its strategic location, modern amenities, and potential for value appreciation, it presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking both a sound investment and a place to call home in the stunning Costa Calida region of Spain.

Stay informed of the latest property listings and local news.

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