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Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort stands as a coastal sanctuary nestled along the eastern shores of Spain, specifically in the scenic Murcia region known as Costa Calida. Spain, celebrated for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has consistently attracted those looking for the perfect blend of lifestyle, climate, and natural beauty.

Acquiring a holiday home in Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort, situated within the captivating Costa Calida, has many exceptional advantages. This breathtaking resort not only offers stunning landscapes, exceptional amenities and beautiful properties, but also provides convenience due to its well thought out location. Boasting easy access to pristine beaches, a plethora of amenities, and the culturally rich experiences found in nearby towns, this resort captures the essence of an ideal coastal retreat.

Getting There

Travelling to and from Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort is convenient through well-connected international airports, including Murcia International Airport (a 30-minute drive) and Alicante-Elche Airport (a 60-minute drive).

Upon arrival, efficient public transportation networks including buses and trains, await to facilitate exploration of the local area, coastal towns, and cities. For those who prefer flexibility in their adventures, readily available car rentals mean the sky’s the limit.

Amenities in Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort

At Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort, you will find exceptional resort amenities and an inviting local area ready to be explored. The resort provides a tranquil escape through an array of leisure facilities, encompassing over 5 kilometres of picturesque paths, sports tracks, adventure golf, and more.

The focal point of the resort is of course the huge 124,000m2 man made lake known as ‘La Reserva’. It is Europe’s largest crystal-clear lake and boasts soft sandy shores, beach bars, and water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and more. Indulge in delectable dining experiences at the beach bars (chiringuitos), serving fresh seafood and Spanish classics.


Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort offers a diverse selection of meticulously designed properties, including apartments, penthouses, villas, and bungalows. The contemporary architectural style of the resort creates luminous and open living spaces, often seamlessly blending kitchen, dining, and living areas. These homes integrate indoor and outdoor living, offering a harmonious atmosphere that complements the Mediterranean climate.

The properties feature water-efficient fixtures, aligning with the resort’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The thoughtful design allows you to choose a home near the central area with views of the lake or nestled amid lush greenery among the 4,000 trees.

Santa Rosalia Apartments

These apartments offer luxury living with two or three bedrooms, each featuring a spacious balcony or terrace. Penthouses often include a rooftop solarium. Residents can enjoy stunning luxury communal swimming pools, beautiful garden areas, and access to the resort’s expansive lagoon-style lake pool. Several apartment developments incorporate play areas and kids’ pools. Parking is available for all apartments, with some offering convenient underground storage rooms, a valuable feature for potential property rentals.

Santa Rosalia Villas

The villas present a range of options, including detached and semi-detached homes with two to four bedrooms, each boasting unique designs, plot sizes, and locations. Some villas come with private pools, while others provide this as an optional add on. All villas maintain a distinctive style harmonising with the resort’s natural surroundings and tranquillity theme. Bespoke design kitchens and bathrooms, coupled with features like large basements and rooftop solariums, enhance the allure of these homes. Many villas also feature electric car charging points, aligning with the resort’s eco-friendly ethos. Opting to buy off-plan grants you the flexibility to customise the villas to match your personal preferences and requirements.

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In Spain, the allure of coastal living is one of the country’s many charms. The Costa Calida is renowned for its breath taking natural beauty, making it a significant attraction for enthusiasts of coastal living. The interplay of sea, sand, and sky creates daily stunning landscapes and picturesque vistas. Particularly enchanting are the sunsets and sunrises over the water. Spain’s rich cultural heritage further enhances the experience, offering a tapestry of gastronomic delights, relaxation on beautiful beaches, exploration of museums, and a journey through the fascinating history of the area. There truly is something to captivate every traveller’s heart making it a popular tourist destination offering the perfect getaway.

Los Alcazares

Just a few minutes’ drive away from Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort, Los Alcazares stands as the nearest town. Renowned for its stunning beaches, with the Mar Menor being a prime attraction, Los Alcazares offers an inviting promenade, ideal for leisurely walks. The town is home to chiringuitos, quintessential Spanish beach bars, where one can savour a cool beverage and delectable tapas.

This lively town brims with a diverse array of shops, bars, and restaurants, offering cuisines to cater to every palate. For an authentic Spanish cultural experience, explore the historic old town and vibrant local markets, both promising captivating encounters.

The Mar Menor

A short drive from Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort unveils the Mar Menor, a unique natural wonder often referred to as the “Little Sea” due to its size. Separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a narrow strip of land known as La Manga, this coastal lagoon covers approximately 135 square kilometres, making it Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon. Its shallowness and relatively small size result in higher water temperatures compared to the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

The Mar Menor serves as a haven for water enthusiasts of all ages. Its calm, shallow waters are perfect for families with children, offering safe swimming and paddling. Popular water sports like windsurfing, kiteboarding, and sailing thrive here, with schools and rental facilities catering to both beginners and experienced athletes.

The lagoon’s rich biodiversity adds to its allure, featuring various marine life and a diverse range of bird species. Birdwatchers flock to the lagoon’s shores, especially during migratory seasons. Therapeutic mud baths known as “baños de lodo” are believed to have healing properties for skin and joint conditions, attracting wellness seekers from around the world.

Other Nearby Beaches

Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort is surrounded by several other stunning beaches, catering to every preference. From white sandy beaches to quiet natural coves and promenades for leisurely strolls, the area offers diverse options.

Captivating beaches like Playa de Cala Flores, known for crystal-clear waters and ideal snorkelling conditions, and Playa de Calblanque, nestled within the Calblanque Regional Park, provide an untouched, natural beach experience surrounded by dunes and cliffs.

Other Nearby Towns and Cities

Several places of interest near Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort include Murcia City (a 35-minute drive). Known for its historic architecture, including the stunning Cathedral of Murcia, the city offers a charming old town, a wealth of cultural attractions, and a vibrant culinary scene.

Cartagena (a 20-minute drive) is a historic port city in Spain, renowned for its well-preserved Roman ruins, including a remarkable Roman Theatre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city boasts beautiful beaches, vibrant festivals, and a rich cultural heritage.

Mazarrón (a 40-minute drive) is a picturesque coastal town in the Murcia region of Spain, known for its beautiful coastline and beaches. It also features the historic mining town of La Unión, which houses a fascinating mining museum.

In the region of Alicante, Torrevieja is around a 40 minute drive away. This lively coastal city offers all of the amenities you could need. You will find hundreds of shops, bars and restaurants as well as many kilometres of stunning beaches. A slightly longer drive away (1 hour 15 minutes), Alicante City beckons with beautiful beaches, Santa Bárbara Castle, and vibrant nightlife. Benidorm, a popular resort town, is known for its stunning beaches and entertainment options. Elche is famous for its palm groves and the Elche Mystery Play, while Altea’s whitewashed buildings and old town exude charm. Guadalest boasts picturesque mountain scenery, and Tabarca Island offers clear waters for snorkelling and exploration.


A brief stroll from Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort leads to an independent 35,000 square-meter shopping centre, providing residents with convenient access to a variety of essentials and more.

In Los Alcazares, a lively town near the resort, a diverse range of shops, from small boutiques to larger supermarkets, awaits. Here, you can procure groceries and daily essentials. The town hosts a regular street market, an excellent place for acquiring fresh local produce, clothing, and various goods.

For those seeking a more extensive shopping experience, La Zenia Boulevard, a major shopping centre, is a short 20-minute drive from Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort. It showcases a plethora of shops, ranging from well-known fashion brands to electronic stores and entertainment options.

Additionally, nearby towns and cities such as Cartagena and Murcia offer diverse shopping districts and commercial areas, allowing exploration of a wide range of retail stores, boutiques, and specialty shops.


Golf enthusiasts visiting Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort are in for a treat, as the surrounding regions boast exceptional golf courses and facilities. The Costa Calida is home to several prestigious golf courses, including La Manga Club (a 25-minute drive), a standout destination with three championship courses, including the renowned South Course that has hosted the Spanish Open. With top-notch facilities and stunning surroundings, golfers can enjoy a challenging game while taking in breath taking views.

Costa Blanca is another golfing paradise, offering a wealth of courses catering to players of all skill levels. Villamartin Golf Club, one of the region’s oldest courses, stands out for its lush greenery and challenging layout. Las Colinas Golf and Country Club is known as one of the best golf courses in Europe and indeed, the world and is just a short drive away. Las Ramblas Golf Course provides a unique experience with narrow fairways and pine forests, while La Finca Golf Resort combines picturesque surroundings with water features and panoramic views.

Both regions prioritize golf tourism, providing excellent services and options for golfers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, these golf courses offer a delightful golfing experience amid the stunning coastal landscapes.

Weather and Climate

Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort, along with its surrounding areas, enjoys a delightful Mediterranean climate, providing year-round opportunities for visitors to relish the stunning landscapes.

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, these regions are renowned for their sunny weather. In the peak of summer, up to 11 hours of sunshine per day can be expected. From warm and sunny summers, perfect for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, to mild and pleasant shoulder seasons ideal for exploration, this area is a haven for those seeking beautiful weather.

Even in winter, when other parts of Europe experience cold and gloomy conditions, this area maintains mild temperatures, making it a top choice for a sun-soaked escape. Whether you’re a sunseeker, an adventurer, or a nature lover, the welcoming climate of these areas ensures you can savour Spain’s charms every season.

Local Culture and Customs

The way of life in this Mediterranean locale is characterised by its unhurried pace, siestas, and delightful, extended meals.

The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

Residing by the sea in Spain transcends breath taking views and a pleasant climate; it extends an invitation to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The area around Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort has earned recognition as the world’s healthiest place to live by the World Health Organisation. The Mediterranean diet, known for its emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, seafood, and wine, is associated with numerous health benefits. Coastal regions like Spain facilitate the adoption of this dietary approach with easy access to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The Mediterranean lifestyle places a strong emphasis on relaxation and quality time with loved ones. Leisurely, protracted meals are a daily tradition, and socialising at cafes, parks, and beaches is commonplace. This commitment to work-life balance contributes to the overall appeal of coastal living in Spain.

Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort provides ample opportunities to relish the Mediterranean diet at its chiringuitos (Spanish beach bars) and beach club with a Mediterranean restaurant.

Fiestas and Festivals

The region boasts a vibrant calendar of fiestas and festivals, offering travellers a chance to immerse themselves in Spanish culture. Semana Santa, celebrated throughout Spain, features elaborate processions, with Murcia renowned for its intricate floats and statues. Bando de la Huerta, held during the Spring Festival in April, celebrates agricultural traditions, while Romería de la Fuensanta in September sees pilgrims from the region pay homage to the patron saint.

The Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas celebrates Flamenco music and dance, and Hogueras de San Juan involves the creation and burning of elaborate sculptures in Alicante. Alicante Carnival, a lively celebration with colourful parades, costumes, music, and dancing, adds to the festive spirit.

Conclusion to The Ultimate Guide to Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort

Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort reveals the splendour and potential awaiting visitors in this coastal haven. Nestled in the Murcia region of Costa Calida, it seamlessly integrates lifestyle, climate, and natural beauty. From convenient travel options and a plethora of resort amenities to pristine beaches, captivating nearby towns, and vibrant cultural experiences, the guide provides a glimpse into an idyllic coastal getaway. The region boasts a Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days each year, creating a year-round haven for sun-lovers. With its rich traditions, healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, and a calendar full of lively festivals, Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort epitomises the best of coastal living, where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously. The future is bright for Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort and the surrounding area.

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