Many UK residents dream of moving to live in a property in Spain when their time to retire arrives. Thousands have already made the decision to retire to Spain, and many more will do and considering the benefits why don’t we all do it? Below we discuss 14 great reasons why property in Spain is the right choice for retirement!

Climate: When planning for retirement people often see themselves escaping the cold winters and unpredictable summers the UK has to offer. This is perhaps the driving force as the main draw for people to begin their search for places to buy in Spain. With over 300 days of sunshine on average in a year, Spain promises to deliver. In particular the Costas offer an all year round Mediterranean climate.

It is not just simply that the temperature is higher all year round. Activities come easier and plans can be made without fear of them being disrupted. When planning a barbeque there is no need to check the weather forecast, cross fingers and make contingency plans. An element of certainty means plans can be made and kept. Everyday life seems more pleasant, eating breakfast outside starts the day right and a walk to the local shop doesn’t mean loading two layers of fleece and a hat in case of rain.

Cost of living: First of all property in Spain is itself cheaper than property in the UK. The general cost of living for most utilities and household bills and general purchases are lower than the UK too. Everyday food and drink items are cheaper and things such as local community fees, road tax and fuel in Spain are all lower. There are other savings too! Rather than forking out for substantial central heating costs the naturally warm climate means this cost is absolutely minimal.

Property in Spain: A vast array of properties are available in Spain. Prices range to cover all pockets, from single to four bedrooms, apartments to villas and inland to coastal there really is something for everyone. If you search for ‘apartments for sale in Spain’ or ‘villas for sale in Spain’ you will find huge availability. In particular you will find more and more new build properties in Spain to meet demand.

Although the search can appear initially daunting there are many reputable operators providing agent service to search and find. Increasing Spanish property values have been seen in recent years and may well continue to do so, providing asset growth. Even better!

Quality services: Perhaps one of the most significant changes in Spain this century has been the improvement in community support facilities. Doctors are professional, hospitals are modern and the health system is now world class.

Schools are also of a good standard, should all the family decide to move over.

Language: In common with many parts of the world, English is the second language. Communication is easy in most parts of Spain even with only a basic knowledge of Spain. It is possible in many of the well developed areas to go through life without knowing Spanish. However by taking classes and learning the rudiments of the language, considerable satisfaction can be derived from communicating with local people in their own tongue.

Health: Along with Italy the Spanish population lives the longest in the whole of Europe. One reason for this is said to be the Spanish diet. The traditional Spanish diet is one of the healthiest in the world full of fresh fruit, vegetables and also fish.

There are also natural mud baths as well as the famous Mar Menor which both carry many health benefits too.

Time brings on general aches and pains, the oh’s and ah’s when needing to tie shoe laces or stretch to that top shelf become part of daily life. It is remarkable how the Spanish climate seems to work its magic as many claim that those minor strains and back aches disappear..

Low cost travel: Budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair offer flights at very affordable prices with flight times of between 2 and 3 hours from the UK to the Costa Blanca and one thing is sure; where there is a market demand the airlines will offer a service. So flights are frequent, low cost and a short time to many parts of Spain from many airports in the UK.

Easy travel without flying: For those more adventurous, or with a fear of flying, there are other options to get to Spain. Once across the channel tunnel the whole of mainland Europe opens up. With a couple of overnight stops to break the journey and take in the sights, Spain is readily accessible by road. For non drivers, rail connections from the capital are comfortable and fast; whilst for seafarers, ferries offer services to Spain too.

One of the primary reasons why buying property in Spain has become so popular is how quickly and easily you are able to get there from the UK and other European countries. Ease of travel has been a big contributory factor to the Spanish property market.

Established route: The route has been travelled by thousands of British people already. Not only have people retired to the coastal resorts of Spain, but by doing so over the past 30 years have set up the infrastructure for those yet to make the step.

Culture and scenery:  Travellers soon realise that Spain is not just sun, sea and sand but has wonderful architecture, a delightful cultural history and of course fabulous scenery. Being situated on the European mainland allows road travel to many parts; only a car is needed to get around and see many other European countries.

Food: Many retirees change their diet after moving to Spain. With an abundance of tempting fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and delicious famous local dishes, fewer takeaways and a more healthy diet become the norm.

Friends & Family: Don’t think family and friends are being left behind. The advantages discussed above mean that it is also easy for friends and family to visit regularly. They can and will visit at every opportunity to escape the pressures and routines of busy lives.

For the quieter times modern technology and in particular the use of video chats means you can stay in touch and won’t miss a thing. You will also find it is easy to pop back regularly too.

Traditional destination: For those in their late 50’s and 60’s, first time travel outside of the UK was most likely to have been to Spain. With the holiday package boom of the 1960’s fond memories remain intact from those wonderful days. Return visits and exploring other destinations around Spain has only served to enhance the attraction of a Spanish property.

Retire? Not likely: Be invigorated to start a new life. The whole family will offer encouragement to take the decision to retire to a home in Spain. Little do they know that all retirement plans get shelved. Stimulated by the move to Spain, people are prompted to take up new interests, rekindle dormant hobbies, make new friends, and adopt a totally new lifestyle. Retire, no chance! New life more like!

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