Nick, Debbie, Oliver and Eleanor, Bolton, UK

  • by Paul Cox
  • 9 months ago
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Hi Paul, I just wanted to put in writing how much we enjoyed the trip and how much we appreciated your very valuable assistance through this whole process.

As I indicated on a couple of occasions, I was a tad nervous about an inspection trip but you put us at ease pretty much immediately. We are absolutely delighted with what we have bought and we are absolutely delighted with you and your company.

We are currently showing the kids the photos we took and we now look forward so much to moving in. We will keep in touch and I will cc you in on all our correspondence if that is OK as it would give me peace of mind if you were kept in the loop.

Once again our sincere thanks, have a great weekend with your family and speak soon.

Nick, Debbie, Oliver and Eleanor, Bolton, UK
February 12th 2018

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