Anthony & Katherine, Wales, UK

  • by Paul Cox
  • 9 months ago
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We first received contact from Paul and his team at the end of October, following our initial enquiry to properties we saw on their comprehensive website.

We had already booked an inspection trip with another Company however this was cancelled as having undertaken further research, we were not satisfied with the properties and locations and anyway we had now seen the properties we wanted to focus on.

It still took a further 5 months to actually get to Spain and in that time Paul and Fran kept in contact and responded to our many questions regarding off plan investment, mortgages and Paul‟s experiences of actually living in Spain. We specifically wanted to pay our own way and attain our independence and Paul respected this with no issue.

The visit was arranged over a 4 day period and on arrival Paul met us at the airport and took us for a drink and chat at the hotel he had booked on our behalf. We discussed our ideas and family requirements once again and Paul left us for the evening to settle in and enjoy our evening meal.

The morning after, up and raring to go Paul, explained the plans for the day ahead, arranging for us to see key ready properties in and around the Murcia area. During the car journeys, Paul gave us an overview of the area in a very relaxed and friendly manner without a hint of selling or pressure, it was more of a fact finding mission on the area in general as he showed us the various sites and properties for consideration. At the end of day 1, Paul dropped us at the beach for a few hours‟ relaxation and Family time as we made our way back to the Hotel for the evening, getting a feel for the area for ourselves.

Day 2 and off to see other sites and eventually onto the site which had stirred our interest. The site was nothing more than an open field surrounded by mountains but Paul had taken the time to show us alternatives, allowing us to visualise what this would become in a short period of time. We spent a good few hours at the site reviewing the plan and different properties available and eventually out onto the site to the area we had selected our Villa. Paul spent the whole time explaining the options without any pressure and we eventually left for the day without a final decision being made, again being dropped off by Paul for us to gather our thoughts on the day.

We returned the following day and after a few tense deliberations with the builder during which Paul was extremely helpful, we made our decision ! It was then documentation, off to Lunch for celebration and then onto the Solicitor for review of the paperwork before returning to the site for completion with signatures.

The final day was uneasy with a sense of trepidation at our decision, Paul took it all in his stride and explained the long term benefits as we visited the Bank, a furniture retailer, then lunch, before Paul took the time to take us on an afternoon‟s sightseeing of the La Manga area.

Paul was highly professional, listening and calmly answering the many questions we had during the decision making process, he knew it would be a matter of time before we made our decision, be it then or at sometime later, but he assisted us all the way in our discussions with the Developer.

I know I tested Paul to the very limit, but he responded and continues to maintain contact with us through the build process. Thank You Paul. We are pleased with the decision we have made and have no hesitation in recommending Paul and the team to others looking to take the plunge and buy their dream home in Spain.

Anthony & Katherine, Wales, UK
July 10th 2018

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