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We understand the thought of owning a property in a foreign country can be daunting. From the process when buying a property to becoming a Spanish property owner, you are likely to have lots of questions.

We understand the thought of owning a property in a foreign country can be daunting. From the process when buying a property to becoming a Spanish property owner, you are likely to have lots of questions.

At Movehappy, we will be with you every step of the way. Having helped you to find your new dream home, we will then assist you in opening a Spanish bank account, take you to the lawyers, have your utilities connected and so on. We will take all the worry and stress out of your journey buying a home in Spain.

When it comes to moving in day, we will be there to hand you the keys and ensure everything runs smoothly. We don’t want you to think that once you have the keys, you are on your own.

Not only do we want your journey becoming homeowners to be stress free, but your experience as homeowners moving forward. We will always be just a phone call away should you need any help or advice. Whether you need a recommendation for a decorator, a phone company or a tapas restaurant, we are always here to help.

Read the testimonials below written by happy Movehappy customers.

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At Movehappy we endeavour to make your experience as a Spanish property homeowner enjoyable and stress free. Our dedicated multilingual aftercare team will provide you with a free lifetime aftercare service.

It is fair to say that when myself and my wife decided to buy a home in Spain we just hadn’t got a clue what to do or how to approach it, we did of course use Mr. Google but that just instilled more fear about what we needed to do and what pitfalls we have to look out for…………..So on a wet Saturday in November 2019 when I came across MoveHappy, I sent off an email to see what would happen. Within 30 mins I received a call from a certain Mr. Paul Cox who said he would be sending on some information, it was after speaking to Paul that we felt we had found somebody who will help us through the whole process. He listened to what we wanted, asked some great questions and then sent on a list of properties he felt we would be interested in. So we took ourselves off to Spain for a few days to meet Paul. With the information we had exchanged over the previous 2 months it is fair to say that Paul hit the Jackpot with the very first house we saw. That was just the start of the journey of course, however with Paul leading us the whole way through the process and being so responsive just made everything so easy and painless. We came out a few more times during the buying process and Paul was always on hand to help with deposits, legals, connections of utilities, etc and to show us around the area.

When it came to getting the furniture, Paul had it sorted, and we did it in one (very stressful!) day but enjoyed a pint after with Paul. Since we closed the sale, Paul has also been a great help, he didn’t disappear he still is there for us when required, pointing us in the right direction, always finding a way around any issues, chasing up stuff and just general advice.

I have always believed in life, that you get what you pay for, and if it sounds to good to be true it generally is, well Paul is the exception to these rules, he cost you, he delivers on his promise of savings and service. In over 25 years of running my own business I know and appreciate how hard it can be to meet clients expectations but Paul manages it to a level I have never experienced. He is also a man of high integrity which is a very important trait when dealing in transactions such as a home purchase.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Paul to anybody considering buying a home in Spain.
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Phillip Naughton
Dublin - Ireland​
We are absolutely delighted with our new home in Verdemar 3. Paul found us everything we asked for and more and we can not thank him enough. The service provided was exceptional from start to finish and the deals on offer are fantastic. We would always recommend you to a friend.
by Jane and Peter, London, UK
October 4th 2017
I first came across Move Happy while browsing properties online. At first I thought the packages they were offering must be too good to be true. After a phone call with Fran I was however sold. She was so friendly and reassuring and talked me through the packages on offer. Within a week I had booked my flights and hotel to view a selection of properties.

The trip was fantastic. Paul was so helpful driving me around and extremely knowledgeable. When I saw an apartment I fell in love with he helped with all aspects of the sale. He helped me set up a bank account, introduced me to Spanish lawyers and kept me fully updated throughout the whole process.

Thank you Move Happy! I can hand on heart say I could not have managed without you.
by Andrea Cohen, Reading, UK
October 20th 2017
First of all I would like to say thank you to Move Happy – I would give you 5 stars if I could. I 100% recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Spanish property. I unfortunately had a negative experience with a different company, you really turned things around for me.

Fran, you were so friendly and helpful on the phone and made me feel instantly at ease. Your regular updates throughout the process were invaluable and I cannot thank you enough.

Paul, nothing was ever too much for you. Thank you for taking your time to do airport runs and of course for showing me a selection of brilliant properties to choose from. Your local knowledge and fluent Spanish made the whole process seem easy.

I would also like to mention the Move Happy deal my chosen property offered me. I qualified for free legal fees, utility connections, air conditioning, white goods and even furniture. The company I spoke to previously would have offered me none of this. So on top of a fantastic experience, thank you for saving me money too.
by Kevin O, Bolton UK
November 22nd 2017
Margaret and Tom from St Helens Merseyside went on holiday to Spain with Paul‟s business card in our pocket feeling sure we would not phone him….! When we did everything was at our own pace with no pushy salesman tactics. Thank you for all your help and support Paul… Here’s to our new place in Spain Tom
by Margaret and Tom, St Helens, Uk
December 5th 2017
We came across Paul and his company, after visiting numerous Buy place abroad shows and had become very disillusioned with the whole process. High pressure sales, consent emails and phone calls etc, so when we searched the internet and came across the website and read the testimonials something felt right. After making initial contact and enquiring about an inspection trip for me and my wife, we were contacted by Paul, very friendly and informative. I explained to Paul what we were looking for price range, area etc already having a good idea from looking at the website and shows we had been to. We agreed on a date for the inspection trip and the process of booking etc. On returning home my wife Karen wondered if it would be possible for our teenage daughter Emma to come on the trip, I emailed and Paul got back to me saying no problem and also he would arrange for her own room in the hotel next to ours. On arrival at the airport we were a bit apprehensive even though he sounded lovely on the phone, we were still worried about all the stories you hear, as it is a big thing buying a property abroad, different processes and even the language barrier. Once you meet Paul all that just goes away, a very genuine man and a pleasure to do business with. The whole trip was very laid back, dropped us at the hotel, had a drink with us and then left us to have look around, go for a meal etc and arranged to meet us in the Morning. Next morning we went to see the properties we had previously discussed, as we travelled from one to the other Paul was able to give us area background, showing us the nearest towns, facilities etc. We stopped for coffee, lunch all very relaxed and enjoyable, funnily it was the first property we visited that we purchased, after looking a all properties and then Paul taking us back for a revisit and look around the town, we were ready to sign on the spot but Paul said look guys think it over, sleep on it which we did, not after first going out for a lovely meal. Now I would imagine that most Estate agents would have had us signing on the spot, biting your hand off so to speak, but he genuinely did not want us to rush our decision. The next day we signed all the paperwork, meet the builder, got a bank account and an English speaking solicitor, and we cannot wait for the property to be completed. We came back to England full of joy and a really good feeling about the whole process, we would highly recommend Paul and SpainDirect4U if you looking to purchase in Spain, in fact would not bother with any other company if our experiences are anything to go by.
by Anthony and Karen, Merseyside, UK
January 16th 2018
We were interested in purchasing a holiday home in Spain and like most people looked on the internet at various Companies. We were soon inundated with very expensive looking brochures from Companies so that if anything it made selection more complicated. Of course you don’t anyway buy from a brochure you must visit but with the number of properties about that could take months. So we were looking for a smaller Company who could give us a more personal service and we discovered Paul and his company. We had initial contact in UK followed by conversations with Paul. We informed Paul as to the type of property we were interested in and a price range. A visit to Spain was arranged and Paul met us at the Airport, I explained to Paul that even if we found a property we liked we would not sign any deal immediately but would return to UK for a final decision. Paul accepted this proposal saying that it is a big commitment and that he prefers people to take time in deciding. Because we had discussed with Paul our requirements beforehand we were not taken to lots sites that did not suit our needs so the selection process was more simple. Advantages or not of different sites were discussed openly and honestly with Paul. Paul was very helpful, and well informed but not pushy in any way. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Yes we found what wanted. yes we came back to UK to reconsider our decision and yes we returned the following week and purchased a property through Paul. He introduced us to some Spanish Lawyers who have been excellent, another part of the service. A very painless way of purchasing a property in Spain, thanks Paul.
by Keith and Sheila, West Midlands, UK
January 16th 2018
Hi Paul, I just wanted to put in writing how much we enjoyed the trip and how much we appreciated your very valuable assistance through this whole process. As I indicated on a couple of occasions, I was a tad nervous about an inspection trip but you put us at ease pretty much immediately. We are absolutely delighted with what we have bought and we are absolutely delighted with you and your company. We are currently showing the kids the photos we took and we now look forward so much to moving in. We will keep in touch and I will cc you in on all our correspondence if that is OK as it would give me peace of mind if you were kept in the loop. Once again our sincere thanks, have a great weekend with your family and speak soon.
by Nick, Debbie, Oliver and Eleanor, Bolton, UK
February 12th 2018
ear Paul, I had almost given up on Spain till one evening searching the web I found your website. From the moment we spoke if you remember (I was driving down the M1 to holiday in East Sussex.) I knew you were someone I could do business with. We had to meet and we did, and it was an absolute pleasure. On deciding La Aparecida was for us the advice you gave during the two days we were there was most reassuring and put us at ease. Your professionalism shone through again in the way you arranged the viewing of the property, meeting the builder (I remember him saying it was the first time he had explained a contract in person in English), sign the contracts, then met the Lawyer, it all went like clockwork. It is a nerve racking time buying abroad but my wife and I now feel we have someone we can trust and call anytime we have a concern and talk to a warm friendly voice on the phone. Look forward to meeting you again during the business of completion, also we feel we have a special friend in Spain already.
by Eric and Gwyneth, Manchester, UK
May 27th 2018
I’m more than satisfied that I received the best deal available by using Move Happy to purchase my apartment in Spain and with first-class service too! I can not fault this company.
by Donna Thatcher, Isle of Wight, UK
June 1st 2018

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