Getting there

Conveniently situated near three international airports, Vistabella Golf Resort offers easy access:

  • Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC): 40-50 minutes drive
  • Murcia International Airport (MJV): 40-50 minutes drive
  • Valencia Airport (VLC): Approximately 2 hours by car

You can also experience the scenic route to Vistabella Golf via car, on the AP-7 motorway. Revel in the liberating journey through picturesque landscapes as you make your way to this charming destination. For those preferring flexibility, local car rental services allow exploration at your own pace. Alternatively, book a taxi or utilise ride-sharing services like Uber or Cabify from nearby towns or cities for convenience.

Property Options

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of newly constructed properties at Vistabella Golf, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and premium materials that redefine modern living.

Vistabella Golf Apartments:

Experience the allure of Capri Apartments, available in 2 and 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Choose between ground floor units boasting private gardens or penthouses featuring expansive rooftop solariums. Revel in stunning views of the communal pool, lush gardens, private parking, and the option of a store room. These apartments, nestled within a gated resort, offer exceptional value and are in high demand.

Vistabella Golf Villas:

Explore a selection of villas for sale, including the prestigious Premium Villa, Male Villa, and Maui Villa. Whether detached or semi-detached, these villas offer one or two levels of luxurious living, with the possibility of a rooftop solarium. Customise your space to reflect your unique style and preferences. While some villas include a private swimming pool as standard, others offer it as an optional addition.

Facilities and Activities

Golf Course:

Indulge in the renowned 18-hole course at Vistabella Golf, meticulously crafted to challenge golfers of all levels while offering awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes. Each hole presents a distinct challenge, with strategically placed hazards and undulating fairways ensuring an immersive experience for every player.

Designed by the esteemed architect Manuel Piñero, the course epitomises his mastery in blending natural beauty with playable challenges. Impeccably maintained greens and fairways tempt players to test their skills amidst the backdrop of lush Mediterranean vegetation and captivating scenery.

Additional Golf Amenities:

Beyond the course, Vistabella Golf extends its offerings with amenities such as a driving range, putting green, and an elegant clubhouse. Golfers can refine their techniques before or after their round, then unwind with a refreshing beverage and delectable cuisine at the clubhouse restaurant. Moreover, a golf shop provides a comprehensive selection of equipment, attire, and accessories catering to players of all levels.

Sports & Fitness:

At Vistabella Golf Resort, guests can partake in a variety of recreational activities beyond golf. The resort offers opportunities for padel and bowls, inviting guests to engage in enjoyable and social experiences.

Padel, a popular racquet sport reminiscent of tennis but played on a smaller enclosed court, combines elements of tennis and squash and is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Meanwhile, bowls, also known as lawn bowls, involves rolling biassed balls towards a smaller target ball called the jack and is enjoyed in a leisurely and sociable manner. Whether seeking competition or relaxation with friends and family, padel and bowls promise engaging experiences for all.


Vistabella Golf Resort boasts exceptional dining facilities, offering a diverse array of culinary options and essential services for guests’ convenience and enjoyment. At the Clubhouse, perched atop the golf course, guests can relish fine dining and savour international dishes. Furthermore, the resort provides a rich culinary journey with a variety of restaurants including Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines, alongside a pizzeria, steakhouse, and various cafes and bars.

Other On-site Amenities:

In addition to dining options, guests have access to essential services on-site, including a supermarket stocked with fresh products and everyday necessities. Other conveniences include a pharmacy, hairdressers, beauty salon, and ATMs, ensuring that guests’ needs are impeccably met during their stay.

During peak seasons, guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere with live music performances on the terraces, providing a delightful backdrop for enjoying delectable food and refreshing drinks. Families with children can make use of the play area, offering entertainment for the little ones while allowing parents to unwind and enjoy their time at the resort.

Surrounding Areas

Vistabella Golf Resort resides in close proximity to several enchanting towns and cities, each offering a distinctive blend of history, culture, and attractions. Among these locales is Orihuela, just a short drive away, renowned for its rich cultural heritage. Here, visitors can explore well-preserved historic sites like Orihuela Cathedral and the Palace of Rubalcava, while wandering through picturesque streets adorned with traditional architecture. With bustling squares, quaint cafes, and vibrant local markets, Orihuela provides a charming glimpse into Spanish life and culture.

Moreover, within easy reach of Vistabella Golf lies the coastal city of Torrevieja, celebrated for its stunning beaches, lively waterfront promenade, and dynamic nightlife. Visitors can bask in the sun on the sandy shores of Playa del Cura or explore the bustling marina during the day. As evening falls, the city comes alive with an array of bars, restaurants, and clubs, offering ample opportunities for dining and entertainment.


Benefiting from its proximity to diverse shopping options, Vistabella Golf Resort caters to various tastes. La Zenia Boulevard in nearby Orihuela Costa stands as a premier shopping centre with over 150 stores, featuring international brands and dining options. Another shopping destination is the Habaneras Shopping Centre in Torrevieja, offering a mix of national and international retailers alongside amenities like a food court and cinema. Surrounding towns host local markets such as Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, and Almoradí, providing fresh produce, crafts, and more for an authentic shopping experience.


Vistabella Golf Resort enjoys convenient proximity to some of Costa Blanca’s finest beaches. Playa de la Zenia, renowned for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, is a Blue Flag beach equipped with excellent facilities such as lifeguard services, showers, and beach bars. Another excellent option nearby is Playa Flamenca, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and beachfront promenade lined with restaurants and shops. Cabo Roig Beach, nestled amidst rocky cliffs, offers a picturesque setting with white sands and turquoise waters, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkelling. Additionally, Guardamar del Segura, though a bit farther, boasts stunning coastlines, dunes, pine forests, and expansive sandy beaches worth the drive.

In addition to these coastal gems, Vistabella Golf Resort also enjoys proximity to La Mata Beach. Renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, La Mata Beach offers visitors a serene escape with its soft sands and clear waters, ideal for leisurely strolls or unwinding under the sun. With each beach offering its own unique charm, residents and visitors alike can indulge in the ultimate seaside retreat just moments away from Vistabella Golf Resort’s doorstep.

Local Traditions and Lifestyle

Fiestas & Festivals:

The area surrounding Vistabella Golf Resort boasts a vibrant calendar of fiestas and festivals, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. These events encompass traditional celebrations, religious festivals, and community gatherings. For instance, in nearby towns like Orihuela and Torrevieja, visitors can experience events such as Semana Santa (Holy Week), featuring processions and religious ceremonies leading up to Easter. Other notable festivals include the Moors and Christians festivals, which commemorate historic battles with colourful parades, reenactments, and fireworks displays.

Moreover, local towns often host patron saint festivals, complete with music, dance, street markets, and culinary delights. These lively fiestas provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, relish traditional cuisine, and partake in festive activities that unite communities in joyful celebration.

Coastal Lifestyle:

Coastal living near Vistabella Golf Resort offers a unique blend of allure and advantages. The breathtaking natural beauty of the coastline affords residents picturesque views and convenient access to sandy beaches, tranquil waters, and scenic coastal trails.

The Mediterranean climate, boasting over 320 days of sunshine annually, ensures mild winters and warm summers, facilitating year-round outdoor activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Additionally, coastal communities embrace a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle, emphasising outdoor living, healthy cuisine, and social gatherings. Residents can indulge in fresh seafood, Mediterranean fare, and alfresco dining experiences at beachfront restaurants, further enhancing their coastal living experience.

Mediterranean Diet:

The Mediterranean diet reflects a way of eating based on the traditional cuisines of countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It emphasises the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and olive oil. Fish and seafood are staples, while poultry, eggs, and dairy are enjoyed in moderation. Red meat and sweets are limited in this dietary approach.

This diet is also characterised by moderate consumption of red wine, often enjoyed during meals. Studies indicate that adhering to the Mediterranean diet is linked to various health benefits, including reduced risks of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, and overall enhancement of longevity and well-being.

In Summary

Vistabella Golf Resort epitomises excellence, from its meticulously crafted golf course and extensive on-site amenities to the myriad of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in its vicinity. Additionally, the allure of coastal living near Vistabella Golf is undeniable, with its breathtaking natural beauty, temperate climate, and rich cultural offerings, creating an ideal backdrop for relaxation, recreation, and cultural exploration.

Whether you’re a golf aficionado in search of the ultimate course or a nature enthusiast yearning for the serenity of coastal living, Vistabella Golf promises an unmatched lifestyle experience. We trust that this guide has provided valuable insights to assist you in embracing Vistabella Golf Resort as your cherished home away from home.

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