Welcome to another success story from Movehappy, featuring Stuart and Caroline Scobie. This case study unveils their journey to discovering a Spanish haven with the assistance of Movehappy, showcasing our commitment to professionalism, friendliness, and expert guidance in the realm of real estate.

Discovering Movehappy

Stuart and Caroline stumbled upon Movehappy through “A Place in the Sun,” sparking the beginning of a remarkable journey to find their perfect property in Spain. The connection formed through this initial encounter and set the stage for a positive and fruitful partnership.

Support Throughout the Purchase Process

The Scobies express their satisfaction with Movehappy’s service, describing it as very professional and friendly. From the inception to the completion of the property purchase process, Movehappy provided unwavering support, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for Stuart and Caroline.

Exploring an Uncharted Area

Having never visited the location before, Stuart and Caroline’s decision to explore and purchase a property in Spain was influenced by the travel time and climate—a combination that made the destination particularly appealing.

Viewing Properties with Movehappy

The Scobies viewed approximately five properties with Movehappy, a carefully curated selection that met their preferences. Armed with prior research, they were well-informed about the properties they were about to explore.

A Research-Driven Approach

Prior to their viewing trip with Movehappy, Stuart and Caroline engaged in research to identify properties that aligned with their vision. This collaborative approach allowed Movehappy to tailor the property selection to their specific needs.

Comparison with Other Estate Agents

The Scobies exclusively focused on new builds and did not explore other properties with different estate agents. Movehappy’s ability to meet their preferences and guide them through the new build options played a crucial role in their decision-making process.

Choosing Movehappy for Their Purchase

Stuart and Caroline’s decision to make their property purchase with Movehappy was influenced by the comprehensive explanation of all questions and legal scenarios. The transparency provided by Movehappy instilled confidence, making the investment decision comfortable for the Scobies.

The Movehappy Package: A Valuable Inclusion

The Scobies found the Movehappy package to be a helpful inclusion that contributed to their decision-making process. This comprehensive package played a role in enhancing their overall experience and understanding of the investment.


Stuart and Caroline Scobie gladly recommend Movehappy to friends and family. Their positive experience, combined with the professionalism and support received, makes Movehappy a trustworthy choice for those seeking a property in Spain.


The Scobies’ journey with Movehappy is a testament to our commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience in the pursuit of a dream property. At Movehappy, we take pride in transforming aspirations into reality amidst the beautiful landscapes of Southern Spain.

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