Welcome to another triumphant journey with Movehappy, featuring John and Jill Kerr. This case study unravels their pursuit of a dream home in Spain, highlighting our commitment to informative guidance, impeccable service, and a hassle-free experience in the realm of real estate.

Discovering Movehappy

John and Jill’s path to Movehappy began with the discovery of our very informative services. The wealth of information provided set the stage for a journey filled with guidance and support.

Support Throughout the Purchase Process

The Kerrs express their utmost satisfaction with the support provided by Movehappy throughout the property purchase process. Describing it as an exemplary service, they couldn’t have asked for anything better. Movehappy’s commitment to excellence shines through in every step of their journey.

Familiarity with the Area

Unlike some, John and Jill were already familiar with the area before contacting Movehappy, demonstrating their informed approach to the property search.

Decision to Purchase in Spain

The Kerrs’ decision to purchase a property in Spain stemmed from a long-standing desire to have a home abroad for their family. This dream was realised with the guidance of Movehappy.

Viewing Properties with Movehappy

John and Jill viewed three properties with Movehappy, entrusting Nathan to guide them through the selection process. Their experience showcases the level of trust clients place in Movehappy’s expertise.

Trusting Movehappy's Recommendations

Despite not knowing in advance which properties they would view, John and Jill placed their trust in Nathan from Movehappy. This reliance on our guidance underscores the confidence clients have in our ability to identify properties that meet their needs.

Comparison with Other Estate Agents

The Kerrs did not explore other properties with different estate agents, choosing Movehappy exclusively for their property search. This exclusive commitment emphasises Movehappy’s unique approach and the trust established with clients.

Choosing Movehappy for Their Purchase

The Kerrs chose to make their property purchase with Movehappy due to the reassurance they felt with Nathan. Consistent email correspondence and a transparent communication style were key factors in making Movehappy their trusted partner in the home-buying journey.

The Movehappy Package: A Hassle-Free Experience

Described as very helpful, the Movehappy package proved to be an invaluable addition to the Kerrs’ property purchase experience. From start to finish, including legal proceedings, Movehappy guided them, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable process.


John and Jill Kerr wholeheartedly recommend Movehappy to friends and family. Their fantastic experience, from guidance through the process to the support provided by the legal team, makes Movehappy their top choice in real estate services.


The Kerrs’ journey with Movehappy is a testament to our commitment to providing informative, supportive, and hassle-free experiences in the pursuit of the perfect property. At Movehappy, we take pride in turning property dreams into tangible realities amidst the beautiful landscapes of Spain.

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