Embark on another remarkable tale of property acquisition with Movehappy, featuring Graham and Carol Mckechnie. This case study sheds light on their journey to finding a Spanish retreat with the support of Movehappy, emphasising our commitment to excellence, personalised service, and expert guidance in the world of real estate.

Discovering Movehappy

Graham and Carol discovered Movehappy through a dual recommendation and online exploration. The initial email exchange and subsequent conversation with Nathan and Paul left an indelible impression, solidifying their decision to choose Movehappy as their trusted real estate partner.

Support Throughout the Purchase Process

The McKechnies describe their experience as exceptional, from the outset to the conclusion of the property purchase. Nathan and Paul, with their unwavering support, guided them through every step, providing updates regularly, and skillfully navigating language barriers and legal intricacies associated with buying a property overseas.

Exploring the Uncharted Area

While having friends with property in the area, Graham and Carol had not visited it before. The decision to purchase was influenced by the area’s short flight from the UK, excellent value for money, and an appealing climate—a trifecta of factors that made it an ideal choice.

Viewing Properties with Movehappy

The McKechnies viewed 6 or 7 properties, meticulously selected through discussions with Nathan. Their clear preferences in terms of location, cost, and style were met by Movehappy, ensuring that each property visit aligned with their specific requirements.

A Tailored Viewing Experience

Working closely with Nathan, the McKechnies identified properties virtually and established a shortlist before their visit. This bespoke approach exemplifies Movehappy’s commitment to understanding and meeting individual client needs.

Comparison with Other Estate Agents

Having experienced the personalised service and meeting their expectations, the McKechnies did not feel the need to explore other options. Movehappy’s professionalism, efficiency, and ability to fulfil their requirements eliminated the necessity to look elsewhere.

Choosing Movehappy for Their Purchase

The decision to choose Movehappy was rooted in the great experience and knowledge of the area provided by Nathan and Paul. The seamless communication, professionalism, and the immediate connection established from their first conversation made Movehappy the only choice for Graham and Carol.

The Movehappy Package: A Comprehensive Bonus

Graham and Carol found the Movehappy package to be immensely helpful. The inclusion of a furniture package and covering all legal fees added significant value to their experience. The collaboration with Lourdes and the team at Sun Lawyers further enhanced the overall service.


With unwavering enthusiasm, Graham and Carol Mckechnie wholeheartedly recommend Movehappy to friends and family. Their 100% recommendation underscores the trust, satisfaction, and seamless experience they enjoyed throughout their property purchase journey.


The McKechnies’ story with Movehappy is another chapter in our commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring our clients find not just a property but a perfect retreat. At Movehappy, we take pride in turning property aspirations into joyful realities in the vibrant landscape of Southern Spain.

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