Join us in exploring another success story with Movehappy, featuring Amy and Stuart. This case study unravels their venture into finding the perfect property in Southeast Spain, highlighting our commitment to transparency, support, and expert guidance in the realm of real estate.

Discovering Movehappy

Amy and Stuart’s journey with Movehappy began with an internet search, where positive client reviews reassured them that Movehappy was the right company to choose. The abundance of happy and satisfied client testimonials played a crucial role in establishing confidence in Movehappy’s services.

Support Throughout the Purchase Process

From the initial contact, Nathan and Paul at Movehappy provided unwavering support, answering questions, offering advice, and guiding Amy and Stuart through every step of the purchasing process. The team’s approach was characterised by accessibility, professionalism, and a distinct lack of pushiness—a refreshing and positive experience for the couple.

Exploring the Uncharted Southeast Coast

Amy and Stuart initially hadn’t considered the southeast coast of Spain, but their interest was piqued after attending a Spanish homes exhibition. Movehappy played a pivotal role in their exploration, showcasing the diversity of the region by touring them through at least six different towns and eight distinct properties. This comprehensive approach allowed Amy and Stuart to make an informed decision about the ideal location for their new home.

Comparison with Other Estate Agents

While other agents reached out, Amy and Stuart chose Movehappy due to their approachable and honest practices. The lack of pushiness and the transparent manner in which Movehappy operated set them apart, aligning with Amy and Stuart’s preferences in a real estate partner.

Choosing Movehappy for Their Purchase

Amy and Stuart’s decision to make their property purchase with Movehappy was fueled by the team’s insightful advice and knowledge on the benefits of different areas, potential added costs, and ongoing expenses. The duo felt fully informed throughout the process, eliminating any concerns about lacking essential information.

The Movehappy Package: A Comprehensive Support System

As Amy and Stuart approach the stage of purchasing furniture and finishing touches, Movehappy continues to provide valuable support. Brochures and recommendations are being shared, showcasing Movehappy’s commitment to assisting clients beyond the property acquisition phase.


With confidence and enthusiasm, Amy and Stuart express their intent to recommend Movehappy to friends and family. Their positive experience and the ongoing support received make Movehappy a trustworthy choice for those seeking property in Spain.


Amy and Stuart’s journey with Movehappy is a testament to our dedication to providing a positive, transparent, and supportive experience in the pursuit of the perfect property. At Movehappy, we take pride in turning property aspirations into joyful realities amidst the diverse landscapes of Southeast Spain.

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