We are delighted to write this review regarding Movehappy, and that’s exactly where we are now Sooo happy.

Firstly, Would just like to say, What an outstanding service we have had  from start to finish,

Paul and Nathan went above and beyond our expectations,

We would like a big shout out !

“There was no pushy sales” How good is that ! Just genuine caring guys who had are best interests at heart, “Were Happy There Happy Simple As That”

Paul and Nathan greeted us at the airport , They were warm, friendly, Chattered away and made us feel so at ease, They were knowledgeable about the area and very informative about the places we went to view , Nothing was too much trouble (hurrah we found a place)

Movehappy does exactly what is says on the tin!

Anyone out there are thinking of buying look no further, No hassle, Everything under one roof !

Paul and Nathan have everything  covered  from the property developers, lawyers, anything with  the legal side they have it covered.

We couldn’t be happier F1 all the way

Thanks a million guys xx

Stuart and Caroline, Scotland

July 9th 2022

Excellent service from Nathan. I contacted Movehappy before my trip to Spain. Almost immediately Nathan called me. During the stay, he was super helpful and was not pushing to buy anything. He went way beyond what is expected from the real estate agent. We did buy a flat through them and Nathan was helping us on every step of the process. I would recommend Movehappy without a doubt and their Movehappy package is brilliant and will save a lot of money for you.

Petri Lahdemaki, Finland
March 23rd 2022

Hi Paul I wanted to thank yourself and Nathan for the outstanding service you have given us purchasing our place in the sun.

Nothing too much trouble very knowledgeable from the first meeting to the purchase. Provided us with contacts in all areas. Amazing after care utility hook up. It’s so nice to know if we need any help I could contact you and be confident you would help.

Would not hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family thanks again for all your help. Feel so fortunate that I have found you as a lot of firms pushy sales and bad advice.

Yvonne Griffiths, Liverpool
November 12th 2021

We have recently returned from a few days property hunting on the Costa Calida spent in the excellent company of the MoveHappy team, Paul and Nathan Cox. We had provided the guys with a wish list of what we were looking for. Over the few days we were shown a number of lovely properties in a variety of locations. After a couple of days we thought we weren’t going to find what we were looking for. But then Nathan suggested what turned out to be the ultimate solution that suited all our requirements. Now we are waiting to make our move to Spain to await the completion of our dream new home.

During our time with the guys there was never the feeling of hard sell just always good sound advice on the area and type of property. And they were always conscious of the budget we had set.

Thanks to Paul and Fran for setting up the visit and continued support and advice since we have returned to the UK. But we have to say a special thank you to Nathan who has only recently become part of the team at Move Happy. He went the extra mile over and above just showing us properties.

If you are considering purchasing a property in the areas they cover we would highly recommend the MoveHappy.es team.

Ian and Kim Thornett, Swansea
August 16th 2021

I would like to thank Paul and Nathan of Movehappy for their recent support and guidance during the process of purchasing a new villa in Spain. The personal attention, clarity and integrity demonstrated made my decision and ultimately the closing of the deal very easy, especially the face to face openness and access to the key players in the process, Developer, Legal, Cosmetic design. From Paul and Nathans attention to detail and background knowledge of the area, property and the local culture.

I was impressed and put at ease from minute one, I sincerely could not recommend Movehappy more enthusiastically. Furthermore, the overall deal to deliver a cost effective turnkey package with exceptional quality was ‘super’ competitive in all aspects. I will be introducing and recommending Movehappy to my friends and colleagues as a ‘One stop shop’ for any property dealings in Southern Spain.

Adrian and Lynn Doughty, Portsmouth UK
June 26th 2021

My wife and I have been searching for a very long time for a nice place for us to retire in Spain. I have first visited this great country back in the late nineties and needless to say, it was love from first sight – a welcome respite from the hectic, stressful and fast-paced life in the United States.

I visited it even more times and yes, my fascination and infatuation with this incredible country, its amazing history, culture and yes, truly gastronomic cuisine, grew stronger and stronger with each subsequent visit. Thanks to Facebook we have seen plenty of stunning views and vistas of Spain.

So, our decision to retire and live a laid-back, quiet and easy lifestyle in a first world country that has everything to offer, and then some, was only natural. I am sure, folks will agree with me that permanently moving to a foreign country especially one with a different way of living and by a person with no language experience is a worrying and taxing experience – what do we do now, how do we handle domestic minutiae like water, electricity, you name it.

Then my wife embarked on the lengthy and time-consuming process of looking at properties, amenities, locations, prices coming to us from Facebook. By happenstance we came across Paul Cox and his company Movehappy, so initially we were curious and skeptical – after all, an estate agent theoretically takes care about himself first, and then of his clients, right? WRONG!

Paul is the absolute exception to that widely held belief. I do not remember exactly how many of his competitors we contacted with my exhaustive and yes, exhausting list of at least 20 questions, repeated and amended every 2-3 months! Most of the time we either got a late response, or something totally inconsequential – “Go check my web page!” Sorry guys, this is not how you buy a property across the ocean! It is one thing jumping on a plane from the UK and arriving in Spain after a few hours, entirely difference experience from the US to Spain, not to mention that in the States annual leaves of absence are extremely short.Very quickly we decided to deal with him, as Paul always, rain or shine found enough time from his busy schedule to explain in perfect details the ins and outs of buying a permanent property in Spain.

From the very beginning he was frank, professional and straightforward, plain business and no bollocks: “The price of the property is X, you will have to pay the following expenses spelled out – 10% VAT taxes, so much for notary, land registry, so much to connect water and electricity, on and on…” And, here comes the sweet part – in writing – if you buy from us, we will provide you with an English speaking lawyer who will handle everything for you, free of charge and to show our appreciation, you will get 5000 € credit to buy furniture. We still have not used it, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it is on the table.

Paul showed us a few properties that we liked and as it usually happens, we settled on the first one that we saw, a lovely small development close to where he lives called Green Hills in La Zenia, what a little cracker, even though its price was a bit out of our reach at the time.

For the record, I must say that it happened during the October bank holiday, when Spain was celebrating. We had at least 2 other estate agents turn us down for that reason who did not seem to care too much about us. Not with Paul – he drove us around, never got tired of answering our numerous questions, in a nutshell he was our nanny and a genuine guardian angel. He helped us with the builder of the property, spicing up his recommendations with a great sense of humour, vital in this business.

We flew back to the US, and Paul kept us in the loop, every step along the way – “such and such actions have been completed, waiting for this and that, this is what everything looks like…” Not to mention the fact that I kept “bothering” him with my questions, day in and out, and he never got tired. So, naturally we developed a real kinship and friendship which I am hoping to continue once we move permanently to Spain.

In conclusion, I must say that Paul is the absolute dream come true to anyone who is seriously contemplating relocation in Spain, the ultimate professional and genuine friend.

George & Marusya Primov, Washington, United States
January 7th 2021

It is fair to say that when myself and my wife decided to buy a home in Spain we just hadn’t got a clue what to do or how to approach it, we did of course use Mr. Google but that just instilled more fear about what we needed to do and what pitfalls we have to look out for…………..So on a wet Saturday in November 2019 when I came across MoveHappy, I sent off an email to see what would happen. Within 30 mins I received a call from a certain Mr. Paul Cox who said he would be sending on some information, it was after speaking to Paul that we felt we had found somebody who will help us through the whole process. He listened to what we wanted, asked some great questions and then sent on a list of properties he felt we would be interested in.

So we took ourselves off to Spain for a few days to meet Paul. With the information we had exchanged over the previous 2 months it is fair to say that Paul hit the Jackpot with the very first house we saw. That was just the start of the journey of course, however with Paul leading us the whole way through the process and being so responsive just made everything so easy and painless. We came out a few more times during the buying process and Paul was always on hand to help with deposits, legals, connections of utilities, etc and to show us around the area.

When it came to getting the furniture, Paul had it sorted, and we did it in one (very stressful!) day but enjoyed a pint after with Paul. Since we closed the sale, Paul has also been a great help, he didn’t disappear he still is there for us when required, pointing us in the right direction, always finding a way around any issues, chasing up stuff and just general advice.

I have always believed in life, that you get what you pay for, and if it sounds to good to be true it generally is, well Paul is the exception to these rules, he cost you, he delivers on his promise of savings and service. In over 25 years of running my own business I know and appreciate how hard it can be to meet clients expectations but Paul manages it to a level I have never experienced. He is also a man of high integrity which is a very important trait when dealing in transactions such as a home purchase.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Paul to anybody considering buying a home in Spain.

Philip & Deirdre Naughton, Dublin, Ireland
December 11th 2020

We had always dreamed of owning a property in the sun for many years and after meeting Paul and Fran our dreams came true not only did they find the most beautiful villa for us we have also made life long friends.

From the very start they were very professional in everything they did, they listened to our requirements and would always reply to emails and phone calls even on weekends.

From first meeting Paul at the airport to him dropping us back for our return trip home he did everything for us buying a property in another country is very scary and different then in the UK but we felt more at ease with Paul and Fran then when we bought our home in the UK.

While we were waiting for the build to finish Paul made sure everything was going to plan and did everything for us from getting us our NIE numbers, opening up a bank account, Notary, the fantastic furniture package, aircon, drinking water filters the list goes on and on.

We have had our property for just over year now and Paul would still pick up the phone up if we had any worries or concerns.

We have never dealt with such a lovely and professional business like MoveHappy and would 100 percent use them again.

Adam and Michelle Stanbridge, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
November 16th 2020

Following divorce, I sold my London house and drove to Spain to start a new life. All I had were my clothes and photos.

I can’t speak Spanish and had no idea how things work when buying a house and all the legal requirements. After a short time looking around Alicante and surrounding areas for a new home, I came across Paul Cox at Movehappy.

I don’t trust anybody, especially when it comes to my money so I was very careful after meeting Paul because he was offering a service that seemed too good to be true.

However, after Paul had shown me around a few properties and I decided on one to purchase, Paul did everything he had promised. Firstly he found a place for me to rent while the purchase went through. He helped set up currency exchange, open a bank account, get an accountant, sort out the notary, deal with the seller, get electricity and water connected and sort out supply of white goods and aircon.

Paul always arrived on time when we had to see the bank/accountant/notary etc. He explained every step of the process of buying my new house.

Paul went beyond what he promised. I don’t see Paul as an estate agent now; he’s more like a Guardian Angel.

Mitchell Knox, London
October 7th 2020

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