An Introduction to Los Alcazares


Los Alcázares is a charming coastal town in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. Known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters, it has become a popular destination for expats and holiday home owners. It is also popular among tourists seeking relaxation and water sports while enjoying the weather in Los Alcazares. The town also boasts a rich history, with remnants from Roman and Moorish times, and offers a blend of traditional Spanish culture with modern amenities. Los Alcázares hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, adding to its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Where is Los Alcazares?

Los Alcázares is located in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. It is situated on the western shore of the Mar Menor, a large saltwater lagoon separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a narrow strip of land known as La Manga. The town lies approximately 24 kilometres (15 miles) from the city of Cartagena and about 50 kilometres (31 miles) southeast of the regional capital, Murcia. It is easily accessible via the AP-7 motorway and the nearby Region of Murcia International Airport. It is located close to bordering Costa Blanca which also has much to offer.


Los Alcazares Weather

The weather in Los Alcázares is characterised by its Mediterranean climate, offering mild winters and hot summers that attract visitors year-round. The area enjoys long hours of sunshine throughout the year, making it a popular destination for sun-seekers to enjoy Los Alcazares beaches. Summers are typically dry and hot, with average temperatures often reaching the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Fahrenheit). Winters are mild and pleasant, rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). This favourable climate allows for outdoor activities such as beach-going, water sports, and leisurely strolls along the promenade almost year-round, making Los Alcázares an appealing destination for those seeking a warm and inviting Mediterranean climate.

Travelling to and From Los Alcazares

Travelling to and from Los Alcázares is convenient due to its strategic location in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. The town is accessible by various means of transportation. For those arriving by air, the closest major airport is the Region of Murcia International Airport (RMU), located approximately 30 minutes away by car. This airport serves both domestic and international flights, offering connections to several European cities. Additionally, Alicante Airport is about an hour’s drive away, providing further international flight options.

Los Alcázares is well-connected by road. The AP-7 motorway (Autopista del Mediterráneo) runs nearby, providing easy access to and from major cities in the region, such as Murcia and Cartagena and other parts of Spain. The N-332 national road also passes through the area, offering an alternative route for drivers.

Public transportation within Los Alcázares includes buses and taxis, providing convenient options for getting around locally and reaching neighbouring towns and attractions. Overall, whether travelling by air, car, or public transport, Los Alcázares offers good accessibility for visitors exploring this beautiful coastal region of Spain and enjoying the beautiful Weather in Los Alcazares.

Los Alcazares Beaches

Los Alcázares is renowned for its beautiful beaches along the shores of the Mar Menor. These soft sand beaches and calm, shallow waters offer visitors a tranquil retreat. Thanks to their safe swimming conditions, the weather in Los Alcazares and various amenities, the beaches here are ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts alike.

One of the most popular Los Alcazares beaches is Playa de Los Narejos, known for its wide stretch of golden sand and clear waters. It is equipped with facilities such as showers, lifeguards during peak season, and beach bars where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments.

Nearby, Playa de Las Salinas is famous for its therapeutic mud baths, believed to have healing properties due to the high mineral content in the Mar Menor’s waters. This beach is also well-equipped with amenities and offers stunning views of the lagoon.

For those seeking a quieter spot, Playa Carrion provides a more secluded atmosphere while still offering the same picturesque views and soft sands.

Overall, Los Alcázares beaches are celebrated for their natural beauty, family-friendly environment, and the opportunity to experience the unique setting of the Mar Menor. Also along the front, Los Alcazares restaurants are mouth-watering, making them a must-visit destination for beach lovers in the Murcia region of Spain.

Los Alcazares Restaurants and Bars

Los Alcázares offers a diverse array of restaurants and bars that cater to both locals and tourists. Los Alcazares restaurants showcase the rich flavours of Mediterranean cuisine alongside international options. Along the Los Alcázares beaches and throughout the town, you’ll find charming cafés, tapas bars, seafood restaurants, and upscale dining establishments.

For a taste of traditional Spanish cuisine, many of the Los Alcazares restaurants specialise in fresh seafood dishes sourced directly from the nearby Mar Menor, such as paella, grilled fish, and seafood tapas. These establishments often provide a relaxed atmosphere where patrons can enjoy meals accompanied by views of the lagoon or the Mediterranean Sea, and the amazing weather in Los Alcazares makes it a magical experience.

Additionally, the town boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars and pubs offering a variety of cocktails, local wines, and beers. Whether you’re looking for a lively spot to socialise with friends or a cosy venue to unwind after a day at the beach, Los Alcázares has options to suit every preference.

Overall, Los Alcazares restaurants and nightlife establishments reflect its coastal charm and Mediterranean ambience, inviting visitors to savour delicious cuisine and enjoy memorable evenings by the sea.

Nearby Golf Courses

Another main attraction for locals and tourists other than Los Alcazares beaches is the perfect location for golf enthusiasts, offering several top-notch golf courses within easy reach. Golfers visiting the region can enjoy a variety of courses catering to different skill levels and preferences, all set amidst scenic landscapes typical of the Murcia region.

Within walking distance of the town, Roda Golf & Beach Resort is a popular option, which features an 18-hole championship course designed by Dave Thomas. It offers a blend of water hazards, strategically placed bunkers, and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Another notable golf courses near Los Alcázares is La Serena Golf, located just a short drive away. This 18-hole course is renowned for its challenging layout and picturesque views of the Mar Menor.

For those seeking a more relaxed golfing experience, Mar Menor Golf Resort offers an 18-hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus. This resort-style course is known for its wide fairways and scenic surroundings.

Additionally, Hacienda del Álamo Golf Resort is another prominent golf destination nearby, boasting an expansive 18-hole course designed by Dave Thomas, as well as extensive practice facilities.

Overall, with its favourable climate and diverse range of courses, Los Alcázares and its surroundings are a premier destination for golfers looking to tee off amidst stunning Mediterranean landscapes.

Shops & Other Amenities

Los Alcázares offers a range of amenities and shops that cater to both residents and visitors alike. You’ll find local supermarkets for groceries and everyday items, as well as boutique stores offering clothing and souvenirs. 

Essential services such as pharmacies, banks, and car rental agencies are readily available, ensuring convenience during your stay. Along the beaches, amenities like beach bars (chiringuitos), sunbed rentals, and facilities for water sports add to the town’s appeal as a welcoming destination on the Mar Menor coast.

Nearby Towns and Cities

Los Alcázares is ideally situated for exploring other charming towns and cities in the Murcia region and neighbouring Alicante region of southeastern Spain. Within a short drive, visitors can discover:

Cartagena: Approximately 24 kilometres away, Cartagena is a historic port city known for its well-preserved Roman ruins, including the Roman Theatre and the Punic Wall. It offers a picturesque harbour, museums, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Murcia: The regional capital, located about 50 kilometres inland from Los Alcázares, Murcia is famous for its Baroque cathedral, the Real Casino de Murcia, and its beautiful squares and gardens. It’s a cultural hub with a rich history.

San Javier: Just adjacent to Los Alcázares, San Javier is known for its quaint old town and the Santiago de la Ribera beach, offering more coastal relaxation and local charm.

La Manga del Mar Menor: A narrow strip of land separating the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean Sea, La Manga is a popular resort area known for its beaches, water sports, and vibrant nightlife.

Orihuela Costa: Located around 40 kilometres northeast of Los Alcázares, Orihuela Costa is a coastal area known for its beautiful Orihuela beaches, golf courses, and lively expatriate community. It offers a mix of residential areas and holiday resorts, popular with both tourists and residents

Torrevieja: Approximately 45 kilometres northeast of Los Alcázares, Torrevieja is a bustling seaside city famous for its salt lakes, stunning Torrevieja beaches, and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can enjoy the promenade, Torrevieja Marina, and the many shops, bars, and restaurants.

Each of these nearby towns and cities offers its own unique attractions, making them perfect day-trip destinations from Los Alcázares for exploring the cultural, historical, and natural beauty of the Murcia region.

Property For Sale in Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares and the surrounding area is a popular destination for expats and holiday home owners looking for a home in the sun as well as real estate investors. This charming coastal town offers a wide variety of properties catering to diverse tastes and budgets. From modern apartments with sea views to traditional Spanish villas nestled in quiet neighbourhoods, the options are plentiful for anyone searching for property for sale in Los Alcazares.

One of the most appealing aspects of property for sale in Los Alcazares is the range of amenities and lifestyle options available. Many properties are close to the Mar Menor, Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, providing residents easy access to beautiful beaches, water sports, and scenic promenades. Whether you’re looking for a modern apartment in the town centre or a spacious villa with a private pool, you can find properties that offer a blend of luxury and comfort.

In addition to residential properties, there are also numerous investment opportunities in Los Alcazares. The town has seen significant growth in recent years, making it an attractive location for buying rental properties or holiday homes. Many of the Properties for sale in Los Alcazares include features such as landscaped gardens, communal swimming pools, and proximity to golf courses, enhancing their appeal to both short-term vacationers and long-term residents.

Overall, the property market in Los Alcazares is thriving, offering a blend of modern conveniences and traditional charm. With its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant community, it’s no wonder that property For Sale in Los Alcazares is in high demand. Whether you’re looking to relocate, retire, or invest, this picturesque town provides a myriad of options to suit all your real estate needs.

Below you can explore properties we currently have available in this wonderful town.


In conclusion, Los Alcázares is a vibrant coastal gem in the Murcia region, offering a perfect blend of sun, sand, and Spanish charm. With its inviting Los Alcázares beaches, diverse culinary scene at Los Alcázares restaurants, and consistently pleasant weather in Los Alcázares, it’s no wonder the town attracts tourists and new residents alike. Additionally, the variety of property for sale in Los Alcázares makes it an attractive destination for those looking to invest in a piece of this picturesque locale. Whether you’re drawn by its rich history, modern amenities, or the serene beauty of the Mar Menor, Los Alcázares promises a memorable and fulfilling experience.