Movehappy Legal Services

As part of your Movehappy package the cost of your Spanish legal fees is included.

Our dedicated legal team at ‘Sun Lawyers’ will look after all of your legal requirements. This credited law firm voted best Spanish Expat Law Firm 2020 has English, Spanish, Swedish, French, German, Dutch and Russian speaking lawyers. With more than 30 years experience and five local offices we at Movehappy are proud to be working with this highly professional team of lawyers.

As well as your Spanish legal fees when purchasing your dream home in Spain, Sun lawyers can also help you with many other aspects of the process.To include IBI council tax, NIE numbers, community fees,energy suppliers, Spanish wills, renting licence, residencia, padron and anything else required.

To make the process stress free and manageable it is very common to give the lawyer ‘power of attorney’ this gives the lawyer the legal right and responsibility to manage your financial and property related affairs on your behalf. This means when you have chosen the property you would like to purchase you will not have to travel back to sign papers and contracts.

Movehappy and Sun Lawyers will keep you informed of exactly what is going on throughout the process. This legal firm prides itself on client satisfaction and will listen to your questions and give answers with a clear explanation. Our goal is always to reduce your stress and to make the purchasing journey as enjoyable as possible.

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