Rob and Kay Surtees were on the hunt for their perfect sunny retreat, somewhere close enough for short flights from the UK, where they could enjoy sun and golf year-round. Their search led them to us, Movehappy, a family-run real estate agency specialising in new build properties on the Costa Blanca South and Costa Calida. This case study explores their journey with Movehappy, highlighting our dedication to exceptional service, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Discovering Movehappy

Rob and Kay discovered Movehappy through an internet search. Intrigued by our offerings, they decided to reach out and explore their options.

Support Throughout the Process

From the very beginning, Rob and Kay felt well-supported by our team. They were particularly impressed with the assistance provided by Paul and Nathan. “We were very happy with the support from Paul and Nathan,” recalls Rob. Our team ensured that their questions were answered promptly and their needs were met throughout the process.

Familiarizing with the Area

Although Rob and Kay were somewhat familiar with parts of the area, our team helped them explore more of the surrounding regions to ensure they were completely satisfied with their chosen location. This comprehensive tour gave them confidence in their decision.

Decision to Purchase

The couple was drawn to the area for its sunny climate, proximity to the UK, and excellent golf courses. These factors, combined with the seamless experience provided by Movehappy, cemented their decision to purchase a property in Spain.

Viewing Properties

During their property search, Rob and Kay viewed around ten different properties with Movehappy. While they had a few properties in mind before their trip, they also discovered new options through our recommendations.

Making the Purchase with Movehappy

Rob and Kay chose to finalise their property purchase with Movehappy due to the positive interactions they had with our team and the attractive Movehappy package we offer. “Nice guys to deal with and good Movehappy package,” notes Rob.

The Movehappy Package

The Movehappy package, offering savings and added convenience, was a significant benefit for Rob and Kay. They found it extremely helpful in managing the various aspects of their property purchase, making the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Recommending Movehappy

Reflecting on their experience, Rob and Kay are enthusiastic about recommending Movehappy to their friends and family. “Yes, 100%,” they affirm, highlighting their satisfaction with our services.


Rob and Kay Surtees’ journey with Movehappy is a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding service, local expertise, and a personal touch. From initial discovery to finalising their purchase, we ensured that their property buying experience was enjoyable and stress-free. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence in Spain, Movehappy is here to guide you every step of the way.

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