Johannes and Gerda Horvath were searching for a warm and sunny retreat to escape the cold winter months. Their search led them to us, Movehappy, a family-run real estate agency specialising in new build properties on the Costa Blanca South and Costa Calida. This case study delves into their experience with Movehappy, highlighting our commitment to seamless property transactions and customer satisfaction.

Discovering Movehappy

Johannes and Gerda stumbled upon Movehappy while browsing the internet in search of their dream property in Spain. Intrigued by Movehappy’s offerings, they decided to explore further.

Support Throughout the Process

From the outset, Johannes and Gerda found Movehappy’s support invaluable. Throughout the purchasing process, they were pleased with the assistance and guidance provided by the Movehappy team.

Familiarising with the Area

While Johannes and Gerda were not familiar with the area prior to contacting Movehappy, the agency’s expertise and local knowledge helped them gain a better understanding of their options.

Decision to Purchase

The allure of warm weather during the winter months was the driving force behind Johannes and Gerda’s decision to purchase a property in Spain. Movehappy’s expertise and personalised service further solidified their choice.

Viewing Properties

During their journey with Movehappy, Johannes and Gerda viewed a total of six properties, each meeting their criteria and preferences.

Making the Purchase with Movehappy

Johannes and Gerda chose to make their property purchase with Movehappy due to the genuine connection and rapport they felt with the team. For them, it was about the trust and comfort in their decision-making process.

The Movehappy Package

While Johannes and Gerda didn’t dwell much on the Movehappy package, they found it to be a beneficial addition to their property purchase journey. The convenience it offered was an added bonus.

Recommending Movehappy

Reflecting on their experience, Johannes and Gerda enthusiastically recommend Movehappy to their friends and family. Their positive encounter with the agency makes them confident in sharing their recommendation.


Johannes and Gerda’s journey with Movehappy exemplifies the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and professionalism. From initial discovery to finalising the purchase, Movehappy ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether seeking a holiday home or permanent residence in Spain, Movehappy stands ready to assist with expertise and personalised service.

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